Texas Grid Failure

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of what I call the Big Freeze. There seems to have been little done to fix the root of the problem, freezing gas pipelines. From the Texas Monthly article:

You might think that the natural gas industry, having scored a multibillion-dollar windfall at the expense of other Texans, might show some magnanimity in victory and agree to take steps to ensure against future blackouts. But you would be wrong. The gas industry continues to fight ferociously to avoid the kinds of regulations that are commonplace in other states. It has boosted by millions of dollars its campaign contributions to friendly politicians, including the three officials leading the Railroad Commission.

The Texas Electric Grid Failure Was a Warm-up

Texas Gas Pipeline Failure, Again

Heard about this and had to go to an industry magazine (“Energy”) to get the story. Seems the folks in the gas pipeline business, who brought you last years disaster, are at it again. Remember this was very profitable for the energy industry, even as homes and businesses were destryoyed and lives lost. Here we go again.

Vistra Claims ‘Extortion’ by Pipeline Company, Says Natural Gas Supply to Texas Power Plants Threatened

American Gentry

At the beginning of the Trump political phenomenon, there was a myth that his supporters were working people in middle America, unemployed or under-employed rust-belt factory workers and coal miners. There may be some truth to this but Trump’s most vocal supporters turned out to be something else: people with resources. A good article in the Atlantic that looks at rural American wealth, something often overlooked by the media. The article is short on data but connects with other societies in other parts of the world and at other times.

American Gentry