All the arguments against EVs are wrong

Noah Opinion collects all the EV misinformation in one place and refutes it. Yet see the exhausting comments by people (trolls? Chatbots? Oil industry employees?) repeating mostly the same claims refuted in the article. As I told an old friend once, EVs are just faster, quieter, cheaper with less maintenance. And they don’t smell bad with exhausts that will kill you, quickly and slowly. But mostly they will win because they are cheaper. Did I mention I bought my second Tesla yesterday? As much as I dislike their management, I cant see going back to gasoline.

All the arguments against EVs are wrong

FPGA Software Honors

Near the turn on the millennium I was the lead on a project called JBits. It was a full end to end software development environment for Xilinx FPGAs. It was very unusual at the time and supported high level language design as well as run time reconfiguration, things still difficult to do today.

The project was never commercialized, mostly due to the bad economic environment after Y2K and then 9/11. But over the years I have run into people, mostly at technical conferences, who were fans. Odd to see a 20 year old software project getting recognition, but this week at FCCM JBits received an award for contributions to the field. Nice to be remembered especially in a field that changes so fast and where so much gets forgotten.

One Million Miles

Got a call a couple of days ago. Seems I passed the one million mile mark with American Airlines. Took me over 30 years. Funny thing is I had no idea I was even close. Don’t ever recall seeing a total. If you had asked me I would have guessed 250k or so. My wife still thinks it could be a mistake.

Rain Deluge

We used to get storms moving through, mostly in the spring. Seems like we haven’t had many lately. Lots more humidity with really bad storms all going to the north and east. Last night it came down as hard as I’ve ever seen it for maybe an hour. Weatherman said 5″ in North Austin. My rain gauge says at least that. Might have to get a bigger rain gauge.

California Powered 100% by Renewables

Wow. California now has so much solar it has to turn it of at times during the day. They have also changed the payback for individual consumers who sell electricity back to the grid. While this makes solar payback time longer, it also encourages batteries. This lets individuals store electricity locally and sell it back when it is more profitable (usually in the evenings after sundown).

Driven by solar, California’s net demand hit zero on Sunday