Where was I?

green_day_-_american_idiot_coverI must have a couple of these albums left.  Ok.  It was mid-2000s.  Had survived the dot-com crash and here comes Mr Bush with his 9/11 and his wars.   I just kept thinking that the young people of America are getting screwed, but are too naive to realize it.  Along comes American Idiot, and I realized the kids were going to be ok.  The country would see lots more wreckage before it was all over, but at least there was some hope for the future.

I realized immediately that these guys have made a 1970s style Rock Opera, like Tommy or Jesus Christ Superstar!  I never figured out why the whole Concept Album thing died out, but I was glad to see it make at least a small comeback.  And who would have figured Green Day to rise to the occasion?

I remember playing this one over and over again at summer backyard BBQs with friends and neighbors.  I don’t think any of them picked up on it.

Horse Latitudes

Taking a lazy day off.  In the horse latitudes of this Top 10 Albums thing  (and no, I don’t think a Doors album is in the cards).  So much stuff that I really like, that could easily make the list.  New Orleans music like Dr John, Prof Longhair or even Wayne Toups.  Bands with long strings of albums I bought like U2, R.E.M. or even early Elton John.  Maybe some Bob Schneider to show I’m not just living in the past (does that even prove anything?)  Maybe some older Jazz that I still listen to like Sun Ra’s Blue Delight, to class it up a bit.  Even some of my parents old music that I still listen to.  Frank Sinatra, Louis Prima, Dean Martin.  Sometimes nothing else will do.