Back to Basics Ramen

Last week I made a pot of ramen for three, me and my two kids.  Used flat pho rice noodles and small wagu hamburger on top.  Somehow it turned out bland and neither kid finished theirs.  I thought it just needed salt, but maybe I had strayed too far from basic ramen, at least for the kids.

Today I made ramen for two (me and my daughter) but made it with good old $0.25 packs of ramen.  One beef, one chicken; used both flavor packets.  No way this one will be under salted.  Onion, carrot, soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger and garlic.  Had my usual sauerkraut and some leftover BBQ brisket from Rudy’s.  I’m not giving up on the more unusual combinations but sometimes you have to dial it back a little.

BBC News – Coronavirus: ‘Swift and dangerous turn’ in Texas cases, says governor

Well, this blog wasn’t meant to be a COVID-19 blog.  But that is what is happening right now.   The top of the news from the BBC.  How did this happen Governor Abbott (hint: see recent postings below)?  Someone needs to be held responsible.  Photo from Austin is embarrassing.

BBC News – Coronavirus: ‘Swift and dangerous turn’ in Texas cases, says governor


Texas Gets it Wrong

Again I have to go to the foreign press to get a straight look at what is going on locally.  This is just getting started.  I see people around me who still think is is all a hoax of some sort.  Of course, they get this idea from right wing media, which has always had a strange aversion to scientific and mathematical truths, or perhaps just truths they don’t like in general.

‘We opened too quickly’: Texas becomes a model for inadequate Covid-19 response

State shuts down again after seven weeks with coronavirus cases skyrocketing, after ignoring inconvenient data and fighting party-political turf wars