Facebook Problems


Lately it has become fashionable to delete your Facebook account.  The privacy issues, the politicization, the arguments among old friends have taken much of the old fun out of Facebook.  I have posted a few articles over the last year about some of the problems of social media, so there is no need to rehash those here.  I have decided that I don’t necessarily want to dump Facebook completely.  I would just like to have a place to post content that they don’t own and exploit.

I have to admit I do like my Facebook.  Keeping in touch with friends, finding out about interesting articles that I might not have run across.  Joking around.  What I have found is that in the last year or so I have reverted to email communication with a few close friends.  Facebook turn out to be a poor substitute for personal communications.  So this got me to thinking:  maybe there is a way to supplement other parts of  Facebook.  I didn’t want a replacement, which would just bring about the same problems, just a way to shift away from their platform a bit.

Not that WordPress is any less ‘private’.  Heck, the Facebook people could just as easily come over to this site and collect data on me.  But I just want to make it a little more difficult and give myself a bit more control back.

We will see if this works out.  Best case, I keep doing this and so do other people and maybe it works as a counterweight to the concentrated power of Social Media giants like Facebook.  Anyway, much of what I like about Facebook is that it is an archive of things that I did and things that interested me.  This serves that purpose completely.  I expect a lower level of interaction here, but hopefully a higher quality.

Alt-Facebook, here we go.


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