Early Thoughts

My Alt-Facebook is only a few days old, and I have only told two people about it.  I want to get a week or so of use, just to be sure it does all the things I want it to.  So far it works for me, and I will probably keep this going.  The ‘interaction’ part will probably decide how much time I spend on Facebook.  Some comments (in case anyone else is thinking of going this route):

  • I seem to be doing most posting from my desktop.  Definitely not a mobile-friendly, but I might just need to try a bit more.  I remember finding Facebook a bit confusing at first.
  • I thought I could load photos directly from Google, but can’t seem to remember how that worked.  (Update:  found it.  There is a menu next to the (+) insert photo button).
  • I know a few folks not on Facebook.  This gives them a way to stay in touch without having to sign up for Facebook.
  • I like the idea of controlling and owning my content more and more.  I wish I had done this sooner.
  • I still go out to Facebook daily to see what other folks are up to.  I am liking the political arguing less and less.  Some things about you I don’t want to know (even from some of my old friends).   I suspect they feel the same way about me.

I keep thinking of what another old friend said when I asked why he wasn’t on Facebook.  He said (I paraphrase) that he didn’t think he had much to contribute to the conversation.  I disagree, since he is probably more thoughtful people I know, but it does make you wonder about you own ‘contribution’.

Anyway, here is a photo of the cats taking an afternoon nap in my bed.


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