Another good thing about this blob is (maybe) otherwise controversial subjects can be discussed without the ‘professional’ commenters getting involved.  I just watched a video on Social Media with two gun rights advocates exercising their rights by walking into a police station, heavily armed and with faces partially covered.

Certainly poor judgement, IMO.  And barring the racial issues (yes, they were white, and no, they didn’t get shot up) it made me consider something that has always bothered me:  Are guns a defensive weapon?

I think part of the problem here is that guns are inherently used on offense, not defense.  If you fear being shot, wear body armor.  It harms no one else and protects you.  Carrying a gun makes you indistinguishable from the people you are trying to defend against, at least from other people’s point of view.

At some point your right to guns bump up against my rights to safety.  Say I had a neighbor afraid of a gasoline shortage.  Is it ok for him to store a few hundred gallons in his garage?  At what points do his fears cross the line and start to encroach on my right to safety?  Or even just my fear of being blown up?  Are his fears more important than anyone else’s? No matter how unrealistic they might seem?  Even if he tells me he has training and knows what he is doing, isn’t this just an accident waiting to happen?

(Update: I happened to write this the day before the mass shooting in Las Vegas (Las Vegas shooting: Stephen Paddock kills over 50 people). It was not meant as a commentary on that event.)

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