US Gun Deaths

GunDeathsMapThe Kaiser Family Foundation has a nice table / map of gun deaths by state.  What led me here was an article about the (relatively) restrictive state gun laws in Hawaii.  I was wondering how that was working out for them.  If lowering gun deaths is the goal, I would say:  pretty well.

Number of Deaths Due to Injury by Firearms per 100,000 Population

Most of the data wasn’t very surprising.  My home state of Louisiana is #2 (behind Alaska) in gun deaths, despite a somewhat lower rate of gun ownership.  Hawaii was #49.  The map pretty much echoed the red state / blue state theme.  One exception was New Mexico.  A Blue State with a high gun death rate.  Not sure what is going on over there.  Have to add Texas wasn’t as bad as I would have thought.  But maybe it isn’t as Red as we are all led to believe.

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