Sunday Music


Mr. Koi in the backyard pond.  One problem with this blog (compared to Facebook) is the way pictures automatically get inserted when you put in an external link.  Pictures are a bit harder here, especially with my tablet.  I usually resize the pics later upstairs when I have a mouse.  And I know how everyone likes pictures.  Facebook knows for sure.

Back to music.  Spending my extra hour today hanging out drinking coffee and listening to old music.  Maybe the passing of Fats Domino, or the Austin City limits show last week (they inducted Roy Orbison, Roseanne Cash and the Neville Brothers into the ACL hall of fame) has me listening to old 1950 music.  I stumbled across a playlist on Spotify called 1950s hits (300) with a bunch (300?) old songs, and I was surprised that I knew maybe 90% of them.

It made me realize that my earliest music memories, and some later ones too, were the music of my parents.  Stuff on the radio that they listened to that was always on in the background.  Some of it familiar, like Elvis and Frank Sinatra, but lots of it songs I know all the words to, but maybe haven’t heard or even thought of since I was a child.  Doris Day is on now with Tony Bennett Stranger in Paradise next.    Frankie Lane, Vic Damon’s and Ertha Kitt are on the way.

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