How’s that alt-Facebook working out for ya?

I was going to post something after a month, but it has been probably two.  Some notes:

  • I still check Facebook just about every day, and ‘like’ lots of posts.
  • I don’t comment much, but fun things like Saints games can get me posting when friends are involved.
  • I like owning my content again
  • I have gotten nice emails from old friends who have checked out these pages.  I think it is especially good for old friends who might want to check in and see what I am up to, but might not care much about my day to day trivialities.
  • I dont miss the pointless arguments or politics.  Or mainstream news (I read the news and don’t really need headlines in Facebook, too).
  • Do I miss anything about Facebook?  Not really.  The blog format is less ‘interactive’, but I never installed their IM.  Like I said earlier, I still might chime in on a good Facebook discussion.

I guess I will keep this going.

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