The Nationalist’s Delusion

From Bloomberg’s Jealousy List 2017.  I try to keep this blog away from politics, but this one is personal.  I grew up in Louisiana in the David Duke era and his popularity still baffles me.  How could so many of my nice friends and neighbors support a guy like Duke?  I guess you could ask that question about a lot of leaders throughout history.  So I will file this one under history.  I also like the prescient quote from Walker Percy.

The Nationalist’s Delusion

“While the rest of the country gawked at Louisiana and the Duke fiasco, Walker Percy, a Louisiana author, gave a prophetic warning to The New York Times.

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking David Duke is a unique phenomenon confined to Louisiana rednecks and yahoos. He’s not,” Percy said. “He’s not just appealing to the old Klan constituency, he’s appealing to the white middle class. And don’t think that he or somebody like him won’t appeal to the white middle class of Chicago or Queens.”

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