Inernet News and Motives

A Google search of “Las Vegas shooter motive” shows up the following headlines from major news sources (you can do your own Google for the links):

  • Las Vegas gunman carefully planned attack; motive is mystery
  • Las Vegas shooting: Police release preliminary report, no motive
  • Las Vegas shooting suspect’s motive remains a mystery – USA Today
  • Las Vegas mass shooting: No motive uncovered |
  • Still no motive in Las Vegas mass shooting – NY Daily News
  • No motive uncovered for Las Vegas mass shooting, sheriff says | WGN …
  • etc.

Now if you change the search slightly and Google “Las Vegas shooter losing money” you get:

  • Las Vegas shooter had been losing money for two years and ‘was …
  • Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had lost money, been – CBS News
  • Las Vegas shooting: Gunman Stephen Paddock lost significant money …
  • Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock lost money in 2 years preceding …
  • Las Vegas Sheriff Says Gunman of Mass Shooting Had Been Losing …
  • etc.

So is losing ‘significant money’ at a casino for two years not a motive for shooting the place up?  Especially in the absence of any other reasons?  I guess that would be bad for business to publish that.

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