On the Street Where You Live

Just went to play some music in the office on my PC.  I head the news of Vic Damone’s passing and had the urge to hear “On the Street Where You Live”.  It started playing low, so I turned it up loud.  But it was still too low, and sounded like it was coming from the other room.  In fact, it was.  Somehow my PC had decided to play it through the Amazon Echo downstairs, at high volume.  Scared the cats, the dog and my family.  Below is a good list of old 1950s songs from Spotify, more of my parent’s generation, but good stuff.

Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies

I haven’t been very technical lately, but I ran across this blog post from The unpublished notebooks of J. M. Korhonen.  Covers my sentiments on Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies exactly.  When I was asked I used to joke that bitcoin combines all the disadvantages of a credit card with all the disadvantages of cash.  A good short read:

My professional opinion as a blockchain researcher: I don’t see the point (yet)