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A good article from 2015 about Russian internet trolling.  This was written before the subject got tangled up in presidential politics.  The picture here is a bigger one.  One way to view it is that this is traditional propaganda, aimed at weakening an opponent (us).  It’s not about one candidate and it’s not about one party.  It is about spreading chaos in our society.

The Agency

Margaritaville, TX


I just recently learned that Margaritaville was based on the margaritas at Matt’s El Rancho, but had no idea that Austin was almost in the title of the song.  Good article, even for non-fans.

Jimmy Buffett almost wasted away in ‘Austin, Texasville’

Another one from the local free arts paper, the Austin Chronicle:

How Jimmy Buffett’s “Margaritaville” Became the Most Valuable Song of All Time

Buffett began composing the song after visiting a local Mexican restaurant