Peace, Love and BBQ

Driving back to Austin from College Station we like to stop in Elgin at Southside Market and get some BBQ.  The line was long, and we waited almost 20 minutes to get to the counter to place our order.  We usually get a lot of stuff, bring it home and eat it for a few days.  Brisket, turkey, baked potato with brisket.  I saw a sign that said Beef Ribs, Saturday and Sunday day only.  The price listed was per pound, and I inquired how big a beef rib was, by weight.   The lady behind the counter grabbed a dinosaur sized piece of meat and bone, tossed it on the scale.  $35. Seemed like a lot, I dithered, and realized people in line were staring at me.  I turned to the guy in front of me and said “can’t pass that up”.  He nodded.  We added the beef rib to the list.  Ate a bit when we got home and it was delicious.  Cheap at twice the price.

One other thing struck me waiting in line.  All sorts of people.  Old, young, black, white, Latino and Asian. People coming from church, soccer games or just passing through.  A real slice of America.  Almost as impressive as that beef rib.


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