Walmart Closure Conspiracy Theories

Since 2015 there has been lots of speculation from the Fringe on the possible reasons for a string of Walmart closings here in Texas.  Many were worried about some terrible government plot to use these vacant big box stores for something nefarious, among other things, storing food for invading Chinese troops, FEMA run concentration camps after the imposition of Martial Law orentrances for secret underground military bases.  Turns out they were all wrong.  They are just being used to hold large numbers of foreign children that the government has separated from their parents. Nothing to see here.

Walmart Closure Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories about why several WalMart stores suddenly closed in April 2015.



Having Saturday morning coffee with BBC World Service playing in the background.   Up early having a new sofa delivered (how do you end up with a defective *sofa* that needs replacing?)  Sick cat going back to the vet.  Some light rain coming down.  Very unisual during this heat wave.

Enjoyed Friday afternoon watching Spain vs Portugual at a local bar with the folks from work (no photos; don’t want to incriminate anyone).

A friend posted an old video of young William F. Buckley and impossibly young Noam Chomsky debating.  I always thought Buckley was a very smart guy, but now I am thinking he never took on anyone he couldn’t run circles around and / or intimidate (well, maybe Gore Vidal).

I didn’t watch the whole thing.  Didn’t have to.  Buckley has no real arguments and no real facts.  He is just regurgitating what would be called “talking points” today.  It is almost embarrassing to watch the smartest guy American conservatism has ever produced (?) Get taken apart like this.  Wish I would have seen this 40 years ago.  I see the full version is out on YouTube.  It is below instead of the 15 minute clip I originally watched.  I see there is also a Chomsky vs John Silber YouTube.  Silber was a  conservative Texan and former BU president who ran for office in Massachusetts in his later years.  I met Silber my first day at BU and he impressed me (maybe more on that later).  I still like the man but understand how other people could find him irritating. Will have to watch Silber vs Chomsky.

It gets me to thinking about how we get where we are, what accidents and luck, good and bad, take us places.  It is good to have goals (or this week, goooaaaals!!!!”), but if Noam Chomsky hadn’t gotten beaten up by some anonymous Boston cop at a protest, how different would the world be?  Cheers to you, Mr Chomsky, and maybe even to you, Boston Cop, whoever you are.