Austin Guns

A recent local story that has gotten lots of national attention.  Kids shooting off fireworks on July 4th shot by neighbor.  Lots of ugly stuff here, much of it not in the mainstream press.  First it was technically July 4th, but it was really just after midnight in the 3rd.  Non-traditional, but I remember having fireworks as a kid and shooting them days before New Years.  The short story:  41 year old white guy tells brown / black kids to be quiet.  They ignore him, so instead of calling the cops, he dresses up in military gear and gets a bunch of guns and shoots one of them.

Here is the really outrageous part: the shooter left a rifle on the ground, but the police “didn’t know who it belonged to”.  There were reports of guns on both sides but videos don’t bear this out.  The teenager was shot running away.  Here is the best part:  shooter wasn’t arrested until Friday, almost 3 days later.  What????  You can shoot someone and kill them and not get arrested immediately?  I will say it.  If you are white and the victim is black, no matter how bad it looks or what the witnesses say, you get to walk away, at least until the people getting shot scream loud enough.  I am getting more and more disappointed in Austin PD.

Hundreds fill Travis High field to remember teen killed in shooting