Rainy Day Friends

The rain has been coming down here.  Dark skies and then a thick downpour that passes in a few minutes.  Last night I was already awake from the rain when a thunder shook the house. I was surprised the lights stayed on.  It was coming down so hard enough that I went downstairs in the dark and pointed a flashlight out of the window to see if it was flooding.

This morning I went out to check the yard.  I hadn’t emptied the rain gauge in a while, but this morning it was overflowing at five inches.  The shed had flooded again.

Last night I backslid. I went back on Facebook and got into a political argument with an old colleague.  Made me dislike Facebook all the more.  I was going to remove the app from my pad (I have already taken it off my phone) when I decided to give it one last look.  I realized there are a few people I keep in touch with this way that I don’t want to lose touch with.  Up until now I had been just blocking people,  but I decided, for the first time, to do a big cull and unfriend some people.

The sobering part was I found five (or was it six?) People who had died.  One or two were old friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, but one was a very close friend.  It hurt a bit to remove him from my feed, but I didn’t see the point in keeping him on my list.  He won’t be posting and it isn’t like I will forget him any time soon.  I was also going to cull a couple of old classmates who seem to have drifted to the far right and are fond of posting some of the most purile content from that end of the political spectrum.  Who needs that sort of nonsense in their life? Not me.  At the last minute I went back on that too.  I told myself it is interesting to see what the enemy is up to, but it still felt wrong.  Ah, the pull of social media.