Mourning for Whiteness

I read this when it first came out, and I have to admit it befuddled me.  It was such a strange point of view to me.  Certainly this was a serious person with serious ideas published in a respectable magazine.  I went back to re-read it (I admit I googled for Alice Walker, not Toni Morrison so I had trouble finding it at first).

I have read it three or four times in in the last couple of years and it embarrasses me that I didn’t understand what the author was talking about.  It was a literal account of what was happening, and what was about to happen.  I would say it is prophetic, but only because I didn’t see what was coming as quickly as the author.

Today every time I see people being gunned down by some bland fellow (Las Vegas last year, Pittsburgh this week) this pops into my mind, and I read it again.  I don’t know what the answer is, and the author doesn’t seem to either.

Mourning for Whiteness

By Toni Morrison


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