Parrothead Politics

Growing up I knew some guys from Mississippi who knew Jimmy Buffett’s family.  The song Margaritaville was a big hit, especially on the gulf coast when I was in high school.  So Buffett’s music is at least a part of my life’s soundtrack.

I always wondered where he stood on ‘events” since being from Mississippi doesn’t leave much room for moderation, socially or politically. Now Mr Buffett is from a military family, from Mississippi (as I mentioned) and is quite wealthy.  He is also well travelled and a musician and artist.  So it could go either way.  Of course, he could also just be aonther guy in the middle of the road, who splits his ticket ot just has his own opinions about things.

I always think of a line from one of his songs (I forget which one) that gives a good synopsis of an ex-pat southerner:   “I ran away from politics, it too bizarre at home”. Yes indeed.

I grew up in David Duke’s Louisiana and I decided early on who my Bad Guys and my Good Guys were.  Of course that made it harder to stay in a place where somewhere around half of the people you ran into we in the former category.

Well, yesterday Mr Buffett decided he didn’t care who he alienated.  A few years ago I went to a Buffett concert and said it would be my last. Too may Old Drunks.  I suppose it was the same folks who were Young Drunks when I first started listening to him. Now I think I will go see him again, just as a show of support.  Maybe time to fill in part of my Buffett catalog.  If you are looking for a good one, I have been liking his “Far Side of the World” from 2001.

Jimmy Buffett to Play Rally for Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum – Rolling Stone