Post-Facebook Post

Dumped Facebook for good a few weeks back.  Since then Facebook has come under more scrutiny for its business practices.  Of course, it didnt have to be this way but there is lots of money in doing things the way they are doing them, that is, unethically.  Or at least aethically, if that is a word.

On the practical side, I miss maybe two witty friends (Ash and Tina, by name).  There are other people I hadn’t seen in a very long time that I enjoyed catching up with.  But in the modern world I can always find these people if, say, I end up travelling to their towns and want to get together.

I guess in a nutshell that is it.  I am becoming an active (as opposed to passive) participant in my own social life again.  Facebook was always a poor substitute for engagement in the real world.  It is so easy, effortless really.  And therein lies the problem, I think.  Some things ought to take a little effort.

Elton John John Lewis Ad

Used to go to John Lewis when we lived in Edinburgh.  Didn’t know they had a popular holiday ad series.  Saw that this year they had one featuring Elton John that was supposed to be good.  I grew up listening to Elton John, so I thought I would give it a look.   I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, but here it is.

MCI WorldCom

I love reading Wiki.  Just about anything you can wonder about, there is a wiki page with information on it.  This morning for some reason I was thinking about the old long distance telecom company MCI.  I was an early user when I was in college and I remember typing in my access code from a card and saving a pretty good bit (for a college student) on long distance telephone calls, mostly to my family back home in New Orleans.  I remember the company was run out of Mississippi and that it went up in flames in a spectular bankruptcy.  The truth is a little more complicated than that.  A bit technical, but a fascinating story of huge deals (tens of billions — this was 20+ years ago) and a CEO, Bernie Ebbers, who ended up in jail in Louisiana, where he still resides.