One of these guys has been hanging around our neighborhood for a long time.  Now there are two.  Snapped this with my phone while walking out to the car.  Had to zoom in a bit.  Maybe we will have some baby hawks soon.



The Battle for Venezuela

Still trying to get a handle on what is happening in Venezuela.  Many people will take away the lesson that leftist politics is a failure, except that it worked very well, especially for the poor.  All it needed was high oil prices.  I suppose any system can paper over problems when cash is gushing in.  My take:. Left or right or center, let the voters decide.  And then let them decide again in a few years.  I worry that this is all just subverting our greatest principle, Democracy.  A good article from the London Review of Books that has most of the actual facts I have been trying to find in the US press.

The Battle for Venezuela

Tony Wood

Spanish Timezones

Been busy lately.  And had this on and off cold, which seems to be back on.  Ran across this story about siestas but the bit about time zones was even more unusual.

Siesta no more? Why Spanish sleeping habits are under strain

“The other factor that affects Spaniards’ sleeping habits is that the country is in the wrong time zone. Geographically, Spain should be on Greenwich Mean Time, but in 1942 the fascist dictator Francisco Franco switched the nation to European Central Time in solidarity with Adolf Hitler. Perhaps bizarrely, until recently there haven’t been any moves to change it back.”