I’ve been making ramen noodles from those cheap instant packages for years.   I remember when they were $0.10 each.  I have doctored them up over the years with veggies, Worcestershire sauce, garlic and onions, etc.  I finally started to just throw out the little flavor packet, which is mostly just salt.

Now I’m not even using instant ramen at all.  Any sort of noodle will work.  Today I used soba, a buckwheat noodle.  Takes 4 minutes instead of the usual 3 for instant ramen.

I used chopped garlic and chopped ginger from jars in the fridge, soy sauce an an egg (from my neighbors chickens).  Some fish sauce and a drop of sesame oil too.  Chili oil if you like it a little spicy.

After it is all cooked, I added some leftover brisket, chopped green onion and some arugula and lettuce.  Oh, and some of my home made sauerkraut.  Really any leftover meat or fresh veggies in the fridge will work.


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