Zombie Conservatives

A good (but long) article on modern US / UK conservatives.  The focus is UK politics and the motivation is clearly Brexit madness, but the asides that compare the UK and the US are good reading.  Always fun to get the view of an outsider looking in.

‘A zombie party’: the deepening crisis of conservatism

Thee traditional right is clinging on to power – but its ideas are dead in the water.

The quote that is the source of the title:

In the UK, Conservative party membership has been dwindling for decades. At its peak, in the early 50s, it was 2.8 million. Last year, it was 124,000 and the party received twice as much money from dead members, through wills, as from the living. Katy Balls, political correspondent of the usually pro-Tory Spectator magazine, describedthe Tories last year as “a zombie party”.

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