No Cabo

The wife booked a trip to Cabo San Lucas.  Found a good deal through Costco.  We went there over 20 years ago when we first met and then took the kids a couple of years ago.  The flights were early and connected through Dallas.  We usually try to go places with direct flights, but this was a good deal.  Flight to Dallas left at 6am, putting us in Dallas at 7am for the flight to Cabo.  With the two hour time difference we would get there in the morning.  We packed out swimsuits in a carry on bag so we  could wait by the pool if our room wasn’t ready.

There were some storms moving but they didn’t seem to be a big deal. Lots of that lately.  Just before bed we saw an email that our morning flight was already an hour late.  We wouldn’t make our connection.  We could rebook.  Our day at the pool would have to turn into a day at DFW.  Tried to call American, but their lines were all busy.  DFW must have gotten the weather before us.  Best to hurry and make that change on-line quickly before someone else who got bumped gets there.  Two seats left.  Not next to each other, but we took them.  We have travellers insurance.  Looked like they might even pay out for this lost bit of vacation.

We still had to get up early.  Maybe 4am instead of 3am.  There was lightening in the distance, then then the bad weather hit.  We lost power briefly, then a huge thunderclap and a long loud buzzing sound and it went out for good.  The neighbors seemed to be out too.  Called it in and they said it would be at least two hours.

Some texting with the neighbors revealed that it wasn’t just our house, so nothing to do but wait.  I had some LED solar garden lights I was messing with in the yard.  Brought one in for a lamp and gave everyone flashlights.

I suppose we could have pried the garage door open and left for the airport, but we didn’t know what damage was done by the lightning and how long things would be off.  My kids are older (one late teens one early 20s) but didn’t want to leave them with this one.

A few hours of fitful sleep and the lights flipped back on.  But our flight out of Austin had already left.  My wife spent forever on the phone with the good people at Costco travel (calling the Airline was still impossible) and it looks like we may even end up with a refund, something I really didn’t expect.

So as I started typing this after 4 or so hours with electricity (after about 8 without) a loud pop and then silence and darkness again.  There was a huge bucket truck outside. I walked over and spoke to the young gentlemen who had just fixed our electricity.  Told them were were off again. They looked tired and perplexed.  They said they would get on it, but to call it in anyway.  Web site says it will be another three hours.  Luckily it is cloudy.