We finally upgraded our  oldSamsung Galaxy 5 phones to some Google Pixel 3a.  Much faster, lots of room for data and stuff like WiFi and Bluetooth work reliably.  Nice to join the 21st century.  I have an old boat amp and waterproof speakers out in the shed to provide music to the yard.  Until now I plugged in with a wire.  Figured with the new phone I could use Bluetooth.  So I upgraded to the Bluetooth version of the amp.

Not too hard to swap out, but the audio had a terrible buzz with the new amp.  Figured it was the power supply but didn’t have a way to test it.  Realized I had a nice 12VDC source in my nearby mower battery.  Ran some jumper cables and it was clear as a bell.  Ordered a new power supply.  Hope it does the job.  I guess I could get a battery and stick with the cables.