Web Scams

One problem with modern web commerce and social media is anonymity which leaves the door open for fake accounts and scammers.  Most platforms don’t seem to mind since it boosts their numbers and perhaps even revenues.  Sites like Ashley Madison took this to an extreme with something like 99% of it’s (female) users being fakes.  Twitter regularly purges millions of fake accounts.  These are mostly harmless (I have never had a use for Twitter myself) but sometimes it can lead to actual rip offs, with the platform not helping, or even abetting the scammers. A long but good one from Vox on AirBnb.

I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb

While searching for the person who grifted me in Chicago, I discovered just how easy it is for users of the short-term rental platform to get exploited.


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