Democracy is for Losers

As a person who was illegally “scrubbed” in a Texas national election many year ago, I have made it a point to pay attention to anti-democratic tactics in US politics.  We will see how it goes in Kentucky in 2019.  There seems to be a clear and simple path for the Republican party establishment to overturn an election that they lost.  Will they do it?  Seems like a bad idea all around to me.  Of course this is on top of decades of gerrymandering, questionable funding of elections, and other forms of disenfranchisement.  Oh, Republicans don’t hate democracy.  They like democracy when they win.  The real test is how you feel about democracy when the votes don’t go your way.  From Salon:

Republicans won’t concede: They react to sweeping losses by attacking democracy

Matt Bevin hopes the Kentucky legislature will just appoint him governor: One more sign Republicans hate democracy

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