77 Sunset Me

I have been a longtime subscriber to the New Yorker magazine.  Originally, I admit, for the cartoons, more recently for the movie reviews.  I have no particular interest in art but over the years I have found myself enjoying Peter Schjeldahl’s art critic column.  I don’t read them all but I always enjoyed the ones I read.  Maybe I should have read them all.  I also enjoy the Personal History articles, where famous and not so famous writers talk about themselves.  Below is Peter Schjeldahl’s article, but under the Personal History section.  I’m not sure why, but my subscription has the title as “77 Sunset Me”, perhaps some obscure reference to the 1960s TV show “77 Sunset Strip”.  The article from the web site is below.

The Art of Dying

I always said that when my time came I’d want to go fast. But where’s the fun in that?