Ham and Egg Ramen, Delta Variant

I suppose I may have been premature in ending my lockdown ramen series. I thought the world had changed when I got my second dose of moderna, but here we go. I’m calling it The Delta Variant Ramen. Another ham and egg ramen. After I was done I was thinking I needed some peppers and cheese to make a Denver Omlette Ramen. Maybe next time. I need to experiment with a beaten egg, too. Again, just half a package of noodles, garlic, soy sauce, ginger, carrot, sauerkraut, chili oil, sesame oil ham and an egg with some avocado and togorashi.

Half Noodle Ramen

Decided to get a little healthier with my ramen. I use the basic Maruchan which is almost 400 calories per package. I used to split it with my daughter but lately I eat the whole thing myself. Today I broke the noodles in half and put half away in a Ziploc bag for next time. I’m don’t really miss all those noodles and don’t need the extra carbohydrates. More room for veggies, especially sauerkraut. Today I used my usual recipe with some leftover salmon.

Veggie Avocado Ramen

Early in the pandemic I started these Lockdown Ramen postings. It was mostly using up leftovers and dealing with eating all my meals at home. Today we didn’t have any leftover meat, but we did have an avocado. I decided to go in a different direction and make a vegetarian or perhaps avocado ramen.

This may also be my last official Lockdown Ramen. Next week I will be getting my second Moderna shot and this pandemic, at least, should be over for me. I suppose I may post some ramen for “Special Situations”. This one was pho noodles, garlic, ginger, soy and an egg. Some fresh parsley, carrot and acocado, topped with togorashi and furikake.

Unity Ramen

My ramen has gotten a bit complicated, baroque even. Yesterday evening I realized I had forgotten the sauerkraut. So I made some ramen today so I could get my kraut fix. The usual broth: garlic, ginger, soy, sesame oil. Used flat Vietnamese rice noodles instead of packaged ramen. Some chopped carrot and onion and an egg. Added sauerkraut, togorashi, furikake, chicken, beef and pork, with a bit of avocado at the end.