Texas Power Grid Accoutability

A good start of a reckoning by the Dallas Morning News. Sounds right to me. This part will infurirate most Texans. Wanna bet these folks are unqualified cronies, too?

“Blame the people who work for Magness, of which 20 earned more than $200,000 a year with seven getting above $300,000, two earning over $400,000 and one making $500,000, according to nonprofit ERCOT’s 2018 federal tax filing.”

No surprise Texas’ electricity system is a national laughingstock. Only customers cared, until now

Incompetence Squared

This one is too good not to post. I’m sure it will disappear so I’ve copied the content below for posterity. Donald Trump Jr. is diving into the Texas power outage follies and defending Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who left the state to go on a family vacation in Cancun at the peak of the crisis. The funny part is Baby Don calls out the media for not going after the incompetence of Democratic Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Whoops. Abbott is a Republican. From Twitter.

The hypocrisy of those trying to cancel Ted Cruz who have been totally silent on their Democrat Governor’s incompetence is telling. My thoughts on the Cancún Cruz fauxoutrage! #Cruz #CancunGate is fake.

The Soviet-style Texas Power Grid

Former Texas governor and former Trump Administration Energy Secretary Rick Perry is making the rounds with outrageous statements about the failing Texas electricity grid. I can see why he is concerned as many fingers are pointing in his direction. I compared this to Chernobyl early on, in that it was the result of an entrenched and incompetent bureaucracy whose primary “freedom” seems to be freedom from oversight and responsibility. The lives of individuals effected by the unfolding disaster also seemed to be an afterthought at best, with the real focus on various political concerns. Experts have been warning about this event for over a decade. Will we see any accountability? This is Texas, and this does involve the energy industry. But people are very, very upset right now. I see this as a watershed moment. Let’s hope some actual positive change comes from this.

Energy expert predicted Texas power grid would collapse like the Soviet Union

Coals to Newcastle

When I lived in Edinburgh, Scotland my boss once accused me of “sending coal to Newcastle”. People said all sorts of things I didn’t understand in those days, but I quickly assumed it meant importing something that was already widely available. Sort of like selling snow to Eskimos. Sorta. Seems it is finally the end of coal in that part of the world. Most of it happened suddenly, decades ago, with a political jolt still felt today. I can see Texas going down a similar road with oil. It will probably happen sooner and faster than most people will expect. A good read from the BBC.

BBC News – Last coal shipment leaves River Tyne