End of an Era: Dry Creek Cafe Closing

Lots of little things mark the end of Old Austin for me. Most are closing of certain bars and restaurants. I’m still haven’t gotten over the closing of West Lynn Cafe. Just read in Texas Monthly that Dry Creek is shutting down. I did not know it had been there 68 years, but that is easy to believe. To call it ramshackle is an understatement. I remember being a bit afraid the entire place would collapse at any moment. I only went there once, in probably the late 1980s. Of course I remember the proprietor, Sarah. I made the mistake of asking for clarification of her “bring the damn bottles down” command and was treated like the clueless fool that I was. I’m not exactly sure why I never went back. A bit off my beaten path. But I drove past many times and it was always good to know that it was still there. An article from Texas Monthly and the jukebox playlist from Spotify.

Dry Creek Cafe, an Old-school Dive Bar on Lake Austin, Is Closing After 68 Years