Starting a Civil War

I have always wondered what the people who attacked the US Capitol on Jan 6 were thinking. I never could get a grip on what they thought their end game was. In a confession from one of the rioters we see what compelled these people to act. They thought they were starting an actual Civil War, and one (I have to assume) they intended to “win”. Just because it is delusional doesn’t make it any less dangerous. From the confession of Daniel Rodriguez, via MSNBC. At least he seems to have figured out what was really going on. Just a naked grab for power.

“we thought we were going to hit it like a civil war. There was going to be a big battle. I thought that there was going to be fighting, for some reason, in different cities, and I thought that the main fight, the main battle was going to be in D.C. because Trump called everyone there.

“We felt that they stole this country, its gone, its wiped out, Americas over, its destroyed now. We thought we were being used as part of a plan to save the country, save America, save the Constitution and the election.

“Are we all that stupid that we thought we were going to do this and save the country and it was all going to be fine after? We really thought that. Thats so stupid, huh? Its very stupid and ignorant. I see that it`s a big joke than we thought we were going to save this country.

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