New 1000W Inverter

What with everyone in Texas buying generators and stuff for the next big winter blackout, I finally gave in and bought a little 1000W Inverter. We also bought a little 150W inverter that plugs into the Tesla cigarette lighter / auxillary plug that should run a few lights, well, for weeks if necessary. I decided I wanted a bigger battery operated unit that could possibly run our propane heater. All it needs to do it turn the fan and run the electronics. Probably should try it out on the furnace but I’m just going to wait and see if it turns out to be necessary. My real plan is to leave Texas for a more civilized place that can keep the lights on.

The instructions were a bit difficult to decipher. I’m not exactly sure what “DO NOT DICK HOLD OUT OF SHELL!” means. I won’t do anything remotely like that with any electrical device, so I should be safe.

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