More First Amendment Attacks in Texas

The far-right, especially in Texas, loves it’s Second Amendment. First Amendment is another story. Top legislatures in the state are setting up a far-right “institute” inside the walls of UT Austin. The goals and descriptions keep shifting, with this yesterday.

“I will not stand by and let looney Marxist UT professors poison the minds of young students with Critical Race Theory,” Patrick wrote on the social media platform Twitter. “We banned it in publicly funded K-12 and we will ban it in publicly funded higher ed. That’s why we created the Liberty Institute at UT.”

Looney indeed. Hey Jay Hartsell, what’s the heck is going on over there?

UT faculty members demand answers after Dan Patrick says Liberty Institute intended to fight critical race theory

Update (2/22/2022):. UT President Jay Hartsell responds. I have to point out this is just days (or was it hours?) after Hartzell went along with this right-wing UT think tank scheme.

UT Austin President Jay Hartzell defends faculty tenure after Lt. Gov. Patrick proposes to end it at all public universities

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