More EV F.U.D

As gas prices rise from the Russian invasion of the Urkaine, electric cars look better and better. This doesn’t stop some news outlets from spreading nonsense. The math isn’t that difficult. Let’s say my Tesla has a 300 mile range and a 75 kWh battery, more or less. Electricity here in Austin is tiered, starting at less than $0.03 per kWh and maxing out at almost $0.11 per kWh. Just multiply and you get (75 * $0.03) = $2.25 at the low end and (75 * $0.11) = $8.25. Where can you ever fill up a gas car for this? I’m sure you can find chargers in public places that charge more, but you can also find deals for less. We had a ChargePoint card that cost $50 for unlimited charging. Who writes these articles?

Filling a gas-powered vehicle can still be cheaper than charging an electric one

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