Artificial Intelligence in the News

I suppose we should get used to seeing topics like this discussed in the mainstream news. For the record I consider myself pretty well informed on A.I. technology and have tried to keep up with developments since, well, the late 1980s. I have also done some similar circuit design work. I would probably also be considered an A.I. “skeptic” although I consider myself more of a “realist”.

In this story, some Google engineers have some issues with recent claims of using A.I. to build circuits. I’m sure this is a deep, inside baseball argument going on here, but not to be allow to be discuss this publicly is a bit strange. Again, for the record, I think there are many overblown claims for A.I. (self driving cars and IBM Watson, I’m looking at you) but maybe the real problem is that the overblown claims get all the attention.

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