The biggest myths about electric vehicles

Have seen all of these FUDs in various forms, in various places. All seems to be misinformation, as best I can tell. I feel bad for people who own gas stations, work for oil and gas companies, repair gas and diesel engine, etc. But things change, and often for the better. Horse and buggies were big business before the automobile, but they went away in a few short years. It can happen again.

The biggest myths about electric vehicles

Green Power in Texas

I always figured solar is the future of energy in places like Texas. Most of our electricity spike (based mostly on my own electricity bills) is summer air conditioning. Using the sun on these hot sunny days seems like a perfect match for A/C. It seems wind and solar are keeping the lights on this summer. A quote about April 10, but I would expect to see better numbers for all of June.

“The proportion of energy generated from wind power in Texas set a new record on April 10, when it contributed to about 69% of the total electricity on the ERCOT grid,” Choi added. “Solar energy generation in the state’s main power grid set a new record on May 19, when it accounted for 14.62% of the electricity in the system.”

Renewables Ride To The Rescue As Texas Bakes Under Withering Heat