Remember This

A few days ago, I was trying to remember the name of an old colleague. He may have popped up in a dream, or at least someone who resembled him did. I could distinctly remember his face and lots of little bits of related information (where he lived, number of children, places we has met up over the years). I could remember bits related to the company he worked for, but not the actual company name. Nor could I remember his actual name, but I did remember it was one of those names common to men my age. John? No. Bob. No, but close. Finally it hit me (Don) and the rest fell into place like dominoes tumbling. Sent him an email and renewed an old friendship (but didn’t mention I somehow struggled to remember his name). I suppose he never looked like a guy named “Don” to me, whatever that means. BBC digs a little deeper.

Forgetfulness: Why your mind going blank can be a benefit