Ripe for Disruption

A sobering read on the US electrical grid.

Being accurate about demand forecasts is really important for both reliability and expense control. By not estimating the full demand implications of the previous storm Uri meant that ERCOT was flying blind to an extent with respect to ultimate system electrical demand. Lapses like this suggest a deeper degree of political influence and resulting regulatory dysfunction, a system intentionally hobbled by special interests involved in energy production.


New distributed forms of power generation could potentially render a significant portion of the legacy utility asset structure as obsolete or economically irrelevant. Legacy utilities are experiencing spiking demand, a consumer desiring improved reliability, but retaining a commitment to existing modes of production that are increasingly problematic. We hate the overused term “disruption”. But if ever there was an industry ripe for disruption this is it.

Ripe For Disruption: U.S. Power Generators Must Act