Breaking Hiring

Had some recent experience with a “rescinded” job offer. Lots to be said about this, but let’s look forward to what this sort of thing means to the future of hiring.

When job seekers realize their offer letter is basically worthless, they will do the smart thing: they will keep interviewing and accept “backup” offers right up until their start date. And if one of those “backup” offers is better, well, of course you take it. And what happens to the other 2, 3 or more “backup” offers the candidate has also accepted? Well, you can only show up for one job. Most likely the others will just be “ghosted” with no expected new hire showing up for work on Day 1.

If this becomes widespread practice, and it should, businesses can expect half, two out of three, or more no-shows on start dates. This will not be a happy scenario for H.R. departments and businesses. But they have made the rules and nobody is going to feel sorry for them.

And what about the placement agencies who collect fees for matching all of these these no-show new hires? Will businesses want their fees back? I bet they will.

The short sightedness of American business always amazes me.

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