Facebook Eavesdropping

I have had this experience a few times and it put me off of using Facebook completely.  Occasionally I would mention something (not emailed it googled, just mentioned out loud) and I would get an add for the product described.  I did figure if Facebook was literally listening to my mobile phone mic someone would have found out about it.

A friend suggested an experiment: say an obscure, but random word a few times in conversation and see if Facebook reacts.  I’m tried; it didn’t.

A recent article from USA Today describes how Facebook does this.  While it doesnt actually eavesdrop  on you, it does something maybe even creepier.

Is Facebook listening to me? Why those ads appear after you talk about things

Peak People

Elon Musk is worried about a future population collapse.  Not sure what the problem is here.  Too many people can be a bad thing.  Can too few (unless he is just worried about not having people to sell Tesla’s to)?  Seems to be some truth to this one, though.

Elon Musk doubled down on his theory that the world population is headed for collapse

From Our World in Data

Two centuries of rapid global population growth will come to an end