Coffee Cup Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Was at an air BandB for vacation a couple of weeks back.   The place had a fully outfitted kitchen with plates, spices, a juicer, coffee maker, and just about everything a kitchen would need.  Except one thing. Not a pot or pan in the place.  Very odd.  We had bought some food and I was making breakfast when I noticed the  missing pots and pans.  I wondered if I could microwave some eggs. I remember my brother trying this when we were kids, with terrible results.  The yolk exploded and covered the inside of our massive new Amana microwave with half cooked egg.  So I was skeptical.  But alas there were some recipes on line, including a few making scrambled eggs in a microwave in a coffee cup.  Perfect!  I gave it a try and in a bit more than a minute I had some very nice scrambled eggs.  Put a dab of butter in, some salt and pepper (before or after cooking) and some of the best eggs ever.  Easy cleanup, too.  Why didn’t I know about this?

One thought on “Coffee Cup Microwave Scrambled Eggs

  1. Best sweet corn ever is cooked in the microwave with the husk still fully on. Microwave 2 ears in their husks for about 5 minutes, let them sit to steam inside the husks for about 10 minutes, then peel off the husks and eat the corn.


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