Counting Crows / Weinermobile

Had a double treat last night.  Went to COTA to see Counting Crows (MP3 of the show available soon).  There were some guys with their Corvettes going around the racetrack behind the show.  A bit of Googling shows this was the “Corvette Invasion“.  Not really of interest to me, but out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw the Weinermobile, perhaps as the pace car!  My wife didn’t see it, but I figured it would come back into view, but it never did.  For a while I even started to doubt my own eyes.  Just before the band went on, my wife said “Let’s go back and look for the Weinermobile again”.  I think she was making fun of me at this point, but as we got the back of the amphitheater where there was a view of the track, there was the Winermobile!  Even got a shot of it.  I wonder what those Corvette guys thought of this.  Oh, the band put on a good show, too.


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