Goodbye Latte

LatteGoing to miss this cat.  Lots of stories I can tell about this fellow.  Truly the cat with nine lives, and one of the smartest and best tempered animals I have ever seen.  I will leave it with one story that anyone who has had dinner at our house knows.  At the end of every meal, we pull out a chair and Latte would jump up and patiently wait for a bit of food.  He would gently eat it and then sometimes wait for more, other times hop down and go about his cat business.  Tonight it was sad to have dinner and realize we wound’t be sharing a bit with Latte at the end of the meal.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Latte

  1. Latte, we brought you home a little over 11 years ago. We adopted you from a teenager sitting outside of PetsMart, who had found a pregnant stray #cat. You were one of 3 kittens in her litter. I recognized that you were part #mainecoon (the best kind of cat). My son and daughter sat in the back of the car, holding you as a little six week old kitten. On the way home, my six year old son starting crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he was sad that we were taking this little #kitten away from his mom and his brother and sister. We are all crying again today since this sweet, regal, friendly, gentle cat has passed away. Rest In peace in cat heaven my dear Latte.❤️ @ Austin, Texas


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