Everything Is More Complicated in New Orleans

When the ‘blackface’ controversy started I immediately thought of Zulu, probably the only place a person my age would have been likely to see actual people in blackface.  I always understood it to be a parody of a parody.  I do have mixed feelings here.  If someone is offended, I don’t think it should be ignored.  Of course, ultimately people offended by this spectacle can just not go to Zulu.

From the New York Times:

A Black Group Says Mardi Gras Blackface Honors Tradition. Others Call It ‘Disgusting.’



One thought on “Everything Is More Complicated in New Orleans

  1. I spoke with many black friends, from New Orleans, about this and they did not feel this was offensive. Since it’s roots were about giving black parade goers a way to ride even if they couldn’t afford masks, it’s origin wasn’t in the minstrel parody but rather out of necessity. It doesn’t seem the mostly black crew take offense so I’m not sure anyone else should either. It’s not the same as whites wearing it for comedy.



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