Epoch Times

There was a copy of a small newspaper called the Epoch Times in our mailbox today.  Front page was a full page, full length color picture of President Trump.  There was also an envelope inside.  My first thought was that it was just political fundraising.  But we are the wrong people to be mailing this too.  But in our neighborhood, it would be a good bet.

The name of the paper was not very political sounding and vaguely religious.  My curiosity got the better of me and I Googled.  Turns out it is put out by the Chinese spiritual / political protest group Falun Gong.  They are in some sort of battle with the Chinese government and seem to be anti-communist in a serious way (how “communist” the current Chinese state is would be a different question).  Seems they are all in for Trump though.  Strange bedfellows.