$300K Tesla Charger

We finally sprung for a charger for the Tesla.  I have to say it makes a huge difference.  Originally we planned to charge at public charging stations or to just use the existing 110V plug in the garage.  The public chargers weren’t that convenient and the 110V plug took (literally) days to do a full charge.

Well, we just got our latest tax appraisal.  After being pretty stable for the last decade or so (we have been in this house for over 20 years) our value shot up by over $300k!

We looked on line and no one else in the neighborhood had any sort of similar jump.  We are now the most expensive house (by far) per square foot in our neighborhood while being one of the smaller and older houses.

We inquired and were told a building permit could trigger a change in tax appraisal.  Yes, we did have a permit to have a new line run into the garage by an electrician.  Somehow this seems to have added $300k in value to our house.  Going to have to fight this one.