Goodbye, Gris Gris Man

A sad week for New Orleans.  First the loss of Leah Chase, now Dr. John.  I saw him live in the early 1990s at First Avenue, Prince’s club.  Going Back to New Orleans is one of my favorite albums, and his post-Katrina album The City That Care Forgot is an an underappreciated classic.  The definitive artistic statement on Hurricane Katrina and it’s aftermath.  The man had a colorful life.  Going to have to pick up his biography, Under a Hoodoo Moon: The Life of the Night Tripper.  His obit from

Dr. John, a true New Orleans music legend, dies at age 77

One thought on “Goodbye, Gris Gris Man

  1. I was informed by the person I attended this show with that it was not in fact at First Avenue, but at the nearby Fine Line.


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