Back to Sauerkraut

Been so busy I had two heads of cabbage in the refrigerator for the better part of a week and hadn’t done anything with them.  One was red cabbage then other green.  Decided to do a mixed half and half sauerkraut and used the rest for Cole slaw.  The family seems to like the salted and beat up cabbage in the slaw.

The Future of New Orleans

A NYT article by a former Times Picayune writer.  New Orleans is definitely changing.  I am concerned that the loss of land to the south and the effects of climate change (rising sea levels, stronger hurricanes, more rainfall) make the actual survival of New Orleans and really all of south Louisiana doubtful.  Small towns have already disappeared and nobody seems to be paying any attention.  Of course, much of this is tied to the oil industry, which dominates south Louisiana in a colonial fashion.  Much (but not all) of the loss of  land is tied to the way the oil industry did it’s work, digging canals across the wetlands. The rest is the global problem from burning the extracted oil.  It saddens me deeply to think that this part of the world is being destroyed without much notice, much less a fight.  And then there is the gentrification.